About Us

Nurding out of t-shirts, movies and t-shirts inspired by movies. No titles, only fun references for the true movie fan.

A celebration of the movies from our childhood

Both James and Angel worked for decades in animation, having met at DreamWorks SKG. It is through our mutual love of film and design that lead to the creation of Nurdluv. As a brand, Nurdluv celebrates the nostalgia of classic movies from our childhood. We specialize in designing shirts for genuine movie enthusiasts, without any movie titles for the layman, but rather designs that encourage people to decipher the reference and then link back the source material. We’re self-proclaimed nurds, and we’re totally fine if the general audience doesn't get our references, because our fans are the fans of movies we love, and that’s what’s important to us.

Right now, NurdLuv is a ‘side-hustle’.

Nurdluv is a celebration of the movies from our childhood. We offer shirts for real movie fans, not only inviting appreciate nods of recognition, but creating nostalgic conversations.