What is Nurdluv?

The designs on Nurdluv are inspired by the movies we love from the 80’s & 90’s, for example The Princess Bride - the best movie ever made. In the history of cinema. Ever. I'm sure there might be some doubters out there who might not think Rob Reiner a genius, and that's fine, feel free to design your own website and build your own business extolling the virtues of lesser fare by lesser directors like Michael Bay or John Woo. Go on. 

I'm sure GAP or Target have some designs more suited to your tastes. You won’t see any movie names on our shirts, in fact, in many cases the movies we’re referencing won’t be obvious. And that’s intentional. We’re not catering to your mom, unless your mom is a movie nurd, in which case, yes we are.. We use references from movies that only true fans will recognize and then we twist the reference into something quirky or funny. We hope our designs start conversations rather than merely polite nods of recognition.

So, welcome to our community of like-minded enthusiasts who love nurding out over T-shirts, movies, and T-shirts inspired by movies.

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  • Big Brain

    Brad? Brett? The name is inconsequential when you've messed up as badly as he did in this popular pulp fiction...
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  • King of Clubs

    The King of Clubs is a symbol of strength, power and determination. Some might say they'd sooner destroy a stained glass window then this true artist...
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  • Line Up

    Another design inspired by our favourite movie ever made. It has the world’s greatest sword fight, international espionage, mental duels, double crosses, deaths, resurrections, chases, monsters, giants and the list goes on. We simply HAD to do a gallery of all the principal characters from this wonderful tale.
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  • Jack of Spades

    Have you heard of Socrates, Plato? Morons when compared to the intellectual featured in the base of the Jack of Spades. And then there is the gentle giant who with the squeeze of a fist shatters rocks. The behemoth hailing from Greenland provides the head for this playing card.
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Nurdluv is a celebration of the movies from our childhood. We offer shirts for real movie fans, not only inviting appreciate nods of recognition, but creating nostalgic conversations.